Possible Side Effects of Shilajit for Men and Women You Must Know

Side Effects of Shilajit for Men and Women

Shilajit is a natural mineral extracted from the Himalayas, known since ancient times for its various health-promoting properties used in Ayurvedic medicine. Deep Ayurveda has a superior range of Shilajit products, including Shilajit resin and Shilajit capsules, ready for your daily routine. In this article you will talk about how to take Shilajit and also will examine the side effects of Shilajit for men and women.

What Exactly is Shilajit?

Before we talk about the least favourable part of it, let us understand what Shilajit is. It’s the same bunch of stuff coming out of the rocks, especially in the Himalayas. People think it’s good for you because it’s full of acids and minerals that are supposed to keep you healthy and energetic.

How to take Shilajit?

Shilajit is available in liquid and powder form. Always add as directed. If you buy the supplement in water, add a portion the size of rice or 1/3rd of a pea size to the water and drink it two to three times a day according to the instructions. Alternatively, Shilajit powder can be taken twice but not more than 500mg if the Fulvic acid per cent is 60% or 1000mg if fulvic acid is 25%, mix with milk or warm water . More research is needed to determine the best dosage, so consult your doctor before taking Shilajit.

10 Possible Side Effects of Shilajit

Due to limited research, possible adverse shilajit side effects are unclear. Before taking Shilajit, talk to your healthcare provider about any conditions and other medications you may have.

Following can be a side effect if shilajit is consumed in a higher dosage or more than the general recommendation as given below:-

  1. Chest pain
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Difficulty breathing, speaking, or swallowing
  4. Dizziness
  5. Hives
  6. Nausea or vomiting
  7. Rapid heart rate
  8. Stomach pain
  9. Swelling in the face, tongue, eyes, lips, throat, or mouth
  10. Acne

What is Shilajit Resin?

Shilajit resin is a processed form of Shilajit. It’s cleaned and generally comes in a refined, resinous consistency, with impurities removed. Shilajit resin is generally considered as a complex and highly purified form of Shilajit, making it easy to use as a food supplement.

Benefits of Shilajit resin include improved energy levels and improved cognitive function, making it a valuable natural food in Ayurvedic medicine

5 Side Effects of Shilajit for Men

While Shilajit offers promising health benefits, it’s important for men to consider possible shilajit side effects for male, including:

  1. Digestive Issues: Some individuals may experience gastrointestinal problems like nausea or vomiting while taking Shilajit medicine. This is especially common when taking too much medicine or when the supplementation is poor.
  2. Allergy: Allergic reactions In rare cases, individuals are allergic to shilajit, causing symptoms such as pain, coughing, or difficulty breathing If you experience any rash, discontinue use no immediately and seek treatment.
  3. Contraindications: Shilajit may interact with certain medications, such as blood thinners and medications used to treat diabetes or high blood pressure. If you are taking any medications, consult your health care provider before adding Shilajit to your medication around.
  4. Heavy Metal Pollution: Rock leachate from contaminated areas can contain large amounts of heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, or mercury, which can be harmful to health over time, it is important to quality and clean rocks are selected from reputable sources to minimize risk of Heavy metal contamination.
  5. Increased Heart Rate: Some users have reported rapid or irregular heartbeat after taking Shilajit. If you notice symptoms related to heart disease, stop using Shilajit and consult a healthcare professional.

3 Possible Side Effects of Shilajit for Females:

There are many health benefits of having shilajit for women but also there are some side effects as well, its also depends on individuals daily routine too. It’s important for female to consider possible side effects of shilajit you must know about as given below:

  1. Digestive Issues: Say that while shilajit can stimulate digestion, some women may experience stomach cramps, nausea, or diarrhea.
  2. Allergies: Emphasize the possibility of allergies, including severe symptoms such as pain, burning, coughing and difficulty breathing.
  3. Drug Interactions: Explain that shilajit can interact with certain drugs, especially for hormonal imbalances or digestive issues, and emphasize the importance of consulting a physician before use.
  4. Sickness: We suggest never consume it raw or unprocessed as it might contain heavy metals that may cause sickness.

What is the Best Time to Consume Shilajit?

The best time to take shilajit is in the Morning, you can drink shilajit to boost your energy throughout the day and in the evening, the dose should be taken at least 2 hours before bedtime, as it can positively alter your sleep patterns.


Shilajit offers promising health benefits based on traditional medicine, but it is important to tread carefully because of possible side effects. These can range from food allergies to allergic reactions to drug interactions, including concerns about heavy metal contamination of low levels so it is advisable to seek guidance from healthcare professionals before adding Shilajit to your daily routine, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions or taking medications can interact adversely.

These risks can be greatly reduced by choosing high-quality stone wine sourced from reputable suppliers. Pure mineral oils in the form of resins or capsules are generally preferred due to their stability and safety. By prioritizing safety and quality as a dietary supplement, individuals can maximize the potential benefits of Shilajit, and minimize adverse effects associated with contamination or contact.

FAQs Related to Side Effects of Shilajit for Men and Women

1. How much shilajit per day?

The recommended daily dosage of Shilajit varies depending on age, health condition and type of Shilajit. it is advisable to follow the advice given by your doctor.

2. How to consume shilajit?

1/3rd of Pea-sized pieces of Shilajit can be placed in warm water or milk and then swallowed.

3. How to identify the original Shilajit?

According to ancient texts, the accepted form of Shilajit should be burnt without smoke and without foam during fire. When added to water, it will not dissolve at all but will crack and leave a path as it moves from the top of the water to the bottom of the vessel Identifying vein rock water can be difficult; So, you should consult an Ayurvedic doctor. You will be shown how to use it and which Shilajit remedy is best for your health.

4. What is Shilajit made of?

It is composed of rock minerals, rock humus, and organic substances that have been compressed by layers of rock. Shilajit is composed of humins, humic acid  and fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is the primary component that accounts for 60 to 80% of its nutraceutical components.

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