Steam Inhalation Essential Oil blend – Quick Action

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steam inhalation for cold and cough
Steam Inhalation Essential Oil blend – Quick Action

What Steam Inhalation Essential Oils contain?

Each 1ml contains

  • Menthol Menthaarvensis 210.52mg

  • Thymol  Trachyspepmumammi 210.52 mg

  • Camphor Cinnamomumcamphora 210.52mg,

  • Eucalyptus oil Eucalyptus globules 210.52 mg

  • Clove Oil Eugenia caryophyllata210.52 mg

  • Olive Oil Oleaeuropaea105.26 mg


When you‘re congested, the simple act of breathing can be a challenge. Whatever the cause- a sinus infection, allergies, a cold, or the flu- dealing with congestion can leave you feeling tired.

Consider some herbal alternatives to ease common cold and cough, cleanse nasal congestions and breathing problems and reduce allergic rhinitis with perfect blends of traditionally used Plant-based oils- Methol, Thymol, Camphor, Eucalyptus, clove and Olive.

Easy Home Remedies- Cough and cold herbs Steam inhalation is the perfect blend of these naturally Healing Oils effective to

  • support in easing cough, cold,

  • allergy and

  • breathing problems

Direction of Use

Take 1-2 drops in water vapours for steam inhalation in the morning and at bedtime

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What is Depollen Tea and Supplement?

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Formulated with a potent blend of scientifically proven herbal ingredients, Depollen targets the root cause of hayfever, providing long-term relief for those seeking a natural solution. Our carefully selected ingredients, including black pepper, cinnamon, neem, nutmeg, poppy seeds, camomile, clove, mint, liquorice, ginger, long peppers, and saffron, work synergistically to alleviate symptoms and restore balance to your system.

Each component of our combo pack, from the soothing herbal tea to the powerful supplements, is expertly crafted to provide maximum efficacy and convenience.

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