Shamama Attar 100% pure and Natural

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Shamama Attar


Shamama Special attar is manufactured via co-distillation of a range of herbs and natural vital oils. Known for its unique fragrance, it is uncommon and valuable. The Shamama Attar is extensively liked for its lasting fragrance, non-allergic and exotic scents. Shamama Attar oil smells spicy, herbaceous, woody, and has a saffron aroma that is uncommon or niche/oriental type.

Useful Information

HOW TO APPLY ATTAR: The recommended way to apply attar is to Dab Attar on to your pulse points (wrists, under ear lobes, sides of the neck, etc.)

OUR COMPONENT: 100 % pure natural attar

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shamama Attar by Mughal attars
Shamama Attar 100% pure and Natural
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