Pure Dehnal Oudh Turabi- Fragnance of Confidence,Classical and Strong

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DEHNAL OUDH TURABI by Oils and herbs uk
Pure Dehnal Oudh Turabi- Fragnance of Confidence,Classical and Strong

About Oudh Turabi:

Contains the best Oudh oils from Burma, Cambodia, and India. With this blend, you will experience an exuberant aroma of unmatched quality and class, giving you feelings of peace, pleasure, and power.

How to apply:

The encouraged way to experience the attar is to follow it to the inner of every wrist and dab a little at the back of every earlobe with the inner of your wrists earlier than it dries. You may additionally observe to the lower back of every knee, the interior of elbow joints, and again of your neck so the scent envelops you.

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