Weight Loss Herbs- Mixture of effective 5 herbs


weight loss herbs
Weight Loss Herbs- Mixture of effective 5 herbs

What is Weight Loss Herbs

Burn that stubborn fat naturally with Eazzy Home Remedies– Weight loss Herbs. It is the perfect mix of natural and effective healing herbs – Cinnamon, Lemond rind, Savory, and other natural herbs which are used in Greek and Ayurveda medicine since ancient times. It Helps Burn Body fats. Support Removes excessive water retention and naturally increases body metabolism.

Ingredients: Each 5gm

  • Cinnamon Cinnamomum zeylanicum0.70g,
  • Bishop’s weedTrachyspermumammi 0.70g,
  • White cuminCuminumcyminum 0.70g,
  • Nutgrass Cyprus rotundus 0.50g, LacCoccuslacca 1,00g,
  • Lemond rind Citrus aurantium0.80g, Savory Zatariamultiflora 0.60g
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