Joints Care Herbs


Joint Care herbs
Joints Care Herbs

What is Joint Care Herbs?

Ease your pain and stiffness of Joints with Eazzy Home Remedies Joint Care Herbs. Made with natural and effective healing herbs like Suranjan – Colchicum Luteum, it naturally helps to keep the Joints flexible and Comfortable, support the cartilage in the joint and may help to remove swellings of joints and ankles.


Each 5gms/ 1 tsp contain PDR.

  • Madder tree  Calotropisgigantia 0.892 gms, 
  • Colchicum Colchicumluteum 0.892,
  • Ginger Zingiberofficinale 0.892 gms,
  • Black pepper Piper nigrum 0.535g,
  • Siamese ginger Alpiniagalnga 0.892 g, 
  • China root  Smilex china  0.892g
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