Bulgarian Honey Combo – 100% Raw and Organic

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Bulgarian Honey



Bulgarian honey has a unique quality due to the fact that it is produced in smaller quantities with the utmost care of the farmers. The honey produced in Bulgaria has excellent taste and healing. There are types of Bulgarian honey: Meadow honey, Linden honey, and Locust tree honey. Below is a brief description of these three honeys.

  • Meadow honey is gathered from different trees, grasses, herbs, and other flowering plants from spring until late summer. It combines the usefulness of many plants. Because of the wide variety of pollens, Meadow honey has a very intensive aroma and taste. There are large variations in flavour, colour, and aroma depending on the different species of plants from which it is gathered. It goes sugary fast.
  • Linden tree honey It’s light-coloured honey with sweet, fiery, and somewhat bitter
  • Locust tree Honey is a dark and clear colour and is both nutritious and mouth-wateringly taste with a mild taste containing hints of vanilla

Useful information

  • 100% Natural, Raw and Organic.
  • Certified organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized.
  • Includes pollen, propolis & enzymes
  • Ethically Sourced from the forest of Bulgaria.
  • Tested and certified by LACON QUALITAT Germany


Honey Gift set combo
Bulgarian Honey Combo – 100% Raw and Organic
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