It is a fact that in the past Delhi, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Lucknow was the center of eminent Unani
Physicians who not only practiced the art of ancient medicine and cured uncountable patients but
enriched the Unani System of Medicine with their practical literature hand written books (Bayaz) and
founded many educational institutions for the education of Unani. Asfia Tibbia College in Bhopal,
UsmaniaTibbia College in Hyderabad, Takmil TibbTibbia College in Lucknow, Ajmal Khan TIbbia College
(AMU) and A&U Tibbia College in Delhi are the examples from where a large number of qualified Unani
practitioners graduated.

Apart from this, now many Unani institutions have been established in different parts of the country to
educate in Unani System of Medicine. But unfortunately due to hesitance or what may be the cause a
large number of Unani graduates are not practicing in the Art of Unani Medicine, while the time has
come to start in Unani practice and the people are very eager to adopt this herbal system of medicine
for the cure of their aliments.

When I graduated BIMS from Jamia Tibbia Delhi in the year 1974. A unique Unani institution founded by
(late) Hakim Mohd Ilyas Khan. I felt Allopathic system of medicine becoming popular and stepping in our
country day by day and most of the people not taking interest in the treatment of Unani System of
Medicine. This observation touched my heart and give very sorrow impression on my mind. I thought,
how I can serve for Unani System of Medicine, for restoring confidence of the people in Unani System of

Being the member of a family of Hakims of Delhi, as my grandfather (late) Hakim Noor Mohd and my
father (late) Hakim Noor Ahmed were acclaimed Hakims of their time, I decided to devote myself for the
upliftment, betterment and renovation of Unani system of medicine.

I started my Unani practice under the patronage of my father (late) Hakim Noor Ahmed. Later on joined
Shama DawaKhana Lal Kuawan Delhi where as a Unani physician I started my practice In the year 1988.
(late) GianiZail Singh Singh Ji former President of India appointed me as his Honorary physician and
again I remain as Honorary Physician to R. Venkat Raman Ji former President of India . My various
articles regarding the public health and diseases published in various newspapers and magazines. In the
capacity of Unani practitioner, participated in many conferences and T.V. programmes. I remained in
touch with many eminent Hakims and Scholars of Unani System of Medicine .With the consultation and
advises of Hakims and Scholars of Unani System of Medicine as a founder secretary established “All India
UnaniTibbi Congress” and remained an active part of this organization and lastly nominated as its Senior
Vice President.

Now due to attending a large number of patients and not sparing time, I have reserved myself for Unani
clinic (Matab) and for that purpose now a days I am working with Rex Remedies Ltd and give sometimes
to serve the deserving patients in my clinic. My entire concern is about this important branch of
Indigenous system of medicine. My articles regarding Unani System of Medicine can be study in monthly
Rex Tibbi Magazine.

I am working with a very sincere spirit to promote Unani System of Medicine among the masses, so that
they can adopt this pathy for their day to day health problems. Any person who is an admirer and
believe in Unani System of Medicine and seek my advice for his health problems, can contact me and
can avail my well experienced consultation.